Norland Healthway Capsules


The followings are the uses of Norland Healthway Capsules:

  • It is used to normalize Blood Sugar Level
  • It is used to reverse Diabetes
  • It is used to boost the secretion of Insulin by the Pancreas
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Norland Healthway Capsule (formerly known as Hypoglycemic Capsule) is a natural remedy formulated by Norland for the treatment and cure of diabetes, high sugar level, and other sugar-related sicknesses.

Functions of Norland Healthway Capsule

1.   Norland Healthway Capsule regulates/stabilizes blood sugar levels (high and low). It also prevents complications.

2.   It restores the function of the Pancreas to secret Insulin.

3.   It reverses Type 2 Diabetes in about 90 days, or more, and normalises patient’s sugar level, depending on how long the ailment has been on.

4.   Some patients testified that as treatment progressed, diabetic symptoms such as exhaustion, painful tingling neuropathy, etc. gradually disappeared.

5.   Some Patients also testified that as treatment progressed, they received fewer Insulin Injections, and after treatment they stopped taking Insulin Injections. They were happy they could resume eating their favourite foods.

6.  A patient testified that the Health Way Capsules, etc. saved  him from having his legs amputated


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